Why the Internet Needs to Stop Using #FoodPorn

No one knows what the next thing that can go viral will be. That is the beauty of the internet since anything can go from unknown to an overnight sensation in a flash. Take the hashtag #foodporn as a perfect example. It has become one of the most used hashtags on social media. As of today, there are more than 179 images which are tagged with it on Instagram alone. If you separate the words to just ‘porn’ and ‘food,’ the results are even higher. That’s not counting other social media platforms which are also using the hashtag. It is safe to say that it has gone beyond viral and it is now a full-blown epidemic.

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Perhaps calling it that may be a bit over the top since we are talking about food. The entire thing has many believing that it is being blown out way out of proportion. Not only that, a large number of folks feel that it needs to stop. The pushback is coming from people on all sides. Take those who enjoy looking at pornography, for instance. Before the foodporn hashtag, if any of them wanted to see a sex video dealing with food and porn, it was straightforward. All they had to go was visit an adult site such as Youporn and use the search bar to find it.

Results dealing with such fetishes or scenarios could be located right away. However, because of the entire foodporn hysteria, that is no longer possible. For adult content aficionados this can become frustrating. No one wants images of food coming between their desire to masturbate. Being able to find sexually graphic images or content about a particular issue is what made and makes porn so popular in the first place. Anyone can instantly satisfy their curiosity or sexual fantasies. But with so many people using the foodporn hashtag, all of that has changed.

On the other hand, you also have those who are genuinely looking for images that have to do with actual food and not smut. Some of them include kids under the age of 18. Because the word food and porn have become synonymous, it’s turned into a significant problem. Individuals not interested in porn and only food, are finding a great deal of the former. All of these are some of the reasons many believe that it is time to stop. Food content should have nothing to do with real porn unless it belongs there.