Italy is a country that is often hailed for its extraordinary range of cuisine aside from Venice. If you are ever to visit this country, these are five dishes that will deserve the word ‘delizioso’ from your mouth.


Stuffed rice ball and fried to a brown crisp with fillings that satisfy your taste buds. The rice balls are coated with breadcrumbs while the fillings depend on the makers or the regions where it’s sold. Some regions have rice balls filled with ragù, mozzarella and tomato sauce while others and they don’t always look round.


Italy is not just a country of pasta and pizza, but also for their coffee. The country has a lot of bars across the country which are actually the equivalent to cafés. Italians have this unwritten prowess show-off to drink a cup of coffee and not ruin the taste with water. It is also a very Italian way to enjoy your dish the Italian way.

Roman-style Pizza

Yes, it’s Italy! It’s the very country pizza comes from and it’s time to see, feel and understand the real pizza. There are two types of pizzas sold, Neapolitan-style and Roman-style with the Neapolitan-style being the most commonly used by Pizza Hut and Dominos. Roman-style has a rather thin crust and the dough ends up quite crunchy.


Italy has strict regulations when it comes to selling gelato because it is not the same with ice-cream. In fact, you cannot call gelato ice-cream. Gelato has much less fat and has a rather high density compared to ice-cream. They are also much more flavorful because ice-cream has a rather high composition of water and ice while gelato doesn’t.

White truffles

This strong-smelling fungus is one of the most sought ingredients and food across the world. Truffles come in two colors and white is usually the more expensive material to use.