Alternatives to Coffee: 5 Healthy Options

person holding white ceramic cup with hot coffee

If you’re looking for alternatives to coffee, this blog post is for you! Here we list five alternatives that are healthy and taste great. Whether you want something sweet or savory, there’s an option here for everyone!

Iced tea

If you are looking for a cold drink that can substitute your coffee, iced tea is the best option. Aside from tasting good, iced tea is full of antioxidants and has zero calories.

Cold black tea with honey

Cold black tea with honey is a great choice for sweet alternatives to coffee! It tastes just like coffee without the caffeine kick, so it’s perfect if you want something to drink in the mornings but don’t need an extra boost.

Green tea

Green tea is also a good option when looking for alternatives to coffee. Aside from being delicious, green tea is full of antioxidants and has been shown to have many health benefits: it can help you lose weight, prevent cancer, improve brain function and even give your immune system a boost!

Açai bowls

Açai bowls are also a great alternative for alternatives to coffee because they’re not only tasty but healthy too. Açai bowls are made from açaí fruit and can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs in one bowl.

Matcha tea

For some alternatives to coffee that will keep you going through any of your workouts, try Matcha tea instead! It’s packed full of antioxidants but is also really energizing; those two qualities make it an excellent option for alternatives to coffee.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is also a good option when looking for alternatives to coffee because it’s tasty and full of nutrients that will give you an energy boost: coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and even vitamin C! And the best part? It tastes great too!

Infused water

Water infused with fruit, vegetables, and herbs (infused water) is also a good choice when looking to alternatives. The best part about infused water is that it’s very healthy for you and tastes great!

Black coffee with cinnamon

If you’re not in the mood for anything sweet or savory, try some black coffee with cinnamon instead! This might be one of the alternatives to coffee that doesn’t taste as strong but still has a great taste.

Sugar-free alternatives

sugar-free alternatives like Stevia Leaf Extract which is a plant that has been used for hundreds of years to sweeten foods. It’s one of the most popular alternatives because it doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels or give you the jitters.


If you’re looking for alternatives to coffee that are not only tasty and healthy but also won’t make a dent in your wallet, try tea bags! They taste great with milk and sugar (depending on what kind of flavor) and they’re very inexpensive too.

People have been drinking coffee for centuries, but there are some that don’t drink caffeine at all. For these people, the alternatives to a morning cup of joe can be found in drinks like tea or herbal teas.

But not everyone is alternative-curious—some go with beverages made from grains and mushrooms because they’re trying to limit their sugar intake or cut back on acidity levels by avoiding anything acidic including things containing high amounts of acids such as those substances you find in wine and citrus fruits And if it’s cutting out just one thing too many for your body? You may also want to reconsider starting up an exercise regimen after work instead!

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