Professional chef, food commentator, pâtissier, and sommelier are jobs with people who have a well-trained palate that recognizes the different flavors they find in food. This is important to recognize the right dish to serve their customers with. They need to decide the right wine to go with the main course and dessert, for example. And here are easy ways to refine your taste buds to a professional level.

Know what you eat

Going to the movies is not perfect without popcorn and that is why you could barely remember the exact taste of popcorn if you ate it during the movie. Concentrate on what you put into your mouth and spend an actual time eating without any distraction: no mobile phone, no TV, no length gossips with your family.

Chew properly

Take a single, moderate bite of the food you want to taste and enjoy it. When you breathe, you allow the food aroma to be absorbed into your mind as they trigger every possible sensory in your body. You will gain a deeper insight into the food as you bite, close your eyes and actually think about the food you are having.

Cleanse your palate

After you taste or finish your meal, the palate has to be cleaned to prepare it for the next meal. In order to gain a better actual taste of the next dish, cleansing is a very important part of the process. Tepid water, citrus or breadstick are common neutralizers that you can have in between courses.

Less sugar and salt

While these are two important seasoning ingredients in almost every country and dish, they can also ruin your palate when used excessively. And excessive is the correct word to describe Americans when it comes to seasoning. Too much salt and sugar will numb your tongue as it demands even more salt every time you consume.